Google Home and Assistant

Various posts and information about Google Home and Google Assistant for your Smart Home. Topics like- Google Assistant app, Google Home compatibility, features and integrations are covered in this section of posts.

Why Philips Hue is the Best All-Around Smart Lighting System & Our #1 Pick

From helping a father get more rest to- syncing lights with texts, email alerts and even a display, Philips Hue has you covered. I've used it for almost anything I can think of, and still after a few years- stand by this product. Lately I've been hooked on working to improve my own sleep-cycle and have tried manual scenes to an app-driven experience from the makers of F.lux. If you are debating on picking out a Smart Home Lighting system that is literally plug-and-play with little fussing around and great wireless reliability, then this system is no exception.   Simply… Read More

Guide: Everything You Can Do With Google Home and Google Assistant In Your Smart Home

Do you want to know what you can do with Google Home Assistant?  Home Automation is no stranger to Google, with all of the integrations, features and voice-assistant that this technology has to offer.  Here's a comprehensive guide of Google home automation integrations to help assist you in your smart home journey.   Image Credit: AndroidCentral   You can control almost anything in your home, whether it is lighting, switches, tv and electronics- to even your water heater, router, and sprinkler system which I never even thought would be possible yet!  See more information below, and be warned- this is… Read More

What voice assistant is most practical? Battle of Google Home, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, Apple Homekit & Microsoft Cortana

Today we're going to talk about Start Home, generally speaking. What voice assistant should I use? I hope this helps serve as a guide for the ultimate experience you are looking for!      It's still pretty hard to tell but one thing is definitely certain- it looks like Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are all still in the race with voice assistance.   Does it matter who you go with? Not really, in some cases.  However if you want to have a better experience and you want to have a stable and working smart home system, with features… Read More

The Battle is On! Google, Apple, Amazon & Cortana…

It took a long time to finally narrow it down.  But the TL;DR- you're going to find it's hard to decide when weighing the pros and cons on these.  Basically you may enter and adopt smart home technology- but you should really check first on how you will control it and better yet - what you would like to control "with" your other devices in you Smart Home.  After working with hundreds of different products, wireless languages, technologies - it comes down to this...  Which one is going to be the one that sticks?  It's still similar to pulling hair… Read More

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