Smartthings Home Automation

In this section- we will cover the world of SmartThings- whether it is integrations or compatible products! Topics covered will be- app features, ifttt, compatible products and using the rules and configurations to your very needs in lighting, automation, security and remote control of your devices!

Why Philips Hue is the Best All-Around Smart Lighting System & Our #1 Pick

From helping a father get more rest to- syncing lights with texts, email alerts and even a display, Philips Hue has you covered. I've used it for almost anything I can think of, and still after a few years- stand by this product. Lately I've been hooked on working to improve my own sleep-cycle and have tried manual scenes to an app-driven experience from the makers of F.lux. If you are debating on picking out a Smart Home Lighting system that is literally plug-and-play with little fussing around and great wireless reliability, then this system is no exception.   Simply… Read More

SmartThings: What’s in the App? Let’s have a look!

What is SmartThings?  What is the SmartThings app? It is technically a Home Automation/Smart Home 'ecosystem' of 'things' to control your home.  Devices like smart lights, motion sensors, temperature/ambient sensors, cameras, and even appliances.  SmartThings started from the ground up- and ended up being acquired by Samsung.  That's why you see Samsung tied to the Smartthings product line now, but not on SmartThings products a few years back.  The app is simply the interface to control the devices that are connected to the SmartThings hub.  The hub is somewhat like a router- for all of your smart home devices- so… Read More

Problems with IFTTT and Smart Home? Are you finding you are troubleshooting and having problems with your Echo? If you have Smarthings, Nest, Vera, Nexia, Harmony, Almond Hub & Wink- then you should read this

Are troubleshooting and having problems with your Echo?  Not understanding you? Not working correctly?  What about problems with IFTTT and Smart Home?  Are you finding you are troubleshooting all the time, having to setup everything again?  Having to reboot your router or individual devices or even restart your phone? Let's get something straight- If you have nearly any Hub or Ecosystem like these: Smarthings Nest VeraEdge & VeraLite Nexia Harmony Almond 2015 & Almond Plus Wink Then you should definitely read this.  Take with a grain of salt if you are highly-technical, a developer, or somebody that knows exactly what you… Read More

The Ecobee WiFi thermostat

A must have for any Smart Home enthusiast!  Make sure to check out the Ecobee Sensor Two-Pack upgrade (see below) - so you can add more sensor monitoring to various zones within your home.  This item also works with Amazon Echo - featuring Alexa, the voice-controlled speaker that acts like a personal assistant for everyday things.  More to come on Alexa's capabilities, but a great combination for the Ecobee!  Also, check on rebates for your area.  Check with the manufacturer on availability and your power-provider, because you could be missing out on additional savings! Upgrade with two more sensors: Read More

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