DIY Smart Mirror and Magic Mirror

In this section- we will cover topics around using the Magic Mirror library, updating, configuring, integrations and features for your Smart Mirror. We will be showing various DIY guides and tutorials for the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Zero for your Smart Mirror projects!

Create a Cheap DIY Smart Mirror in 15 Minutes With A Raspberry Pi Zero!

 I wanted to share a really cool setup that was pretty easy for all of those Smart mirror enthusiasts out there. If you haven't seen my article on creating a smart mirror with voice-control- you can see that link down at the bottom. In this article- I'm going to briefly share how I created a similar build with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Why is this important? You can save an extra 20% on cost by building it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. In leui of this article - here's a picture of the Smart Mirror using the "Magic… Read More

DIY: Want to Create Your Own Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror? Here’s a video and list to do it!

 See the guide and list of things you need broken down below.  This was voted as one of the BEST Raspberry Pi Projects by MagPi.  Also, credit goes out to the original developer and genius behind the Magic Mirror by a developer named Michael Teeuw aka MichMich on Github!  Make sure to Like & Share my Video!   Build your own Smart Mirror-  Disclaimer - the video is only showing how to get magic mirror installed on your raspberry pi via raspian OS from scratch (along with google assistant in the second half of the video). You need to get… Read More

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