Logitech Harmony Made My Window A/C Smarter

Devices Required (Really all you need for this integration:

Logitech Harmony Hub (To make your window A/C remote controlled):

This was a feature film of my home to showcase the amazing effects of the Logitech Harmony with my old Hampton Bay window a/c.  I noticed it came without a remote when I moved into my house.  At first glance, I realized that it might work with my Harmony hub.  To my surprise, it sure did!  I was stoked- because this made it to where I could set it to turn on at certain temperatures with my IFTTT integrations, as well as flip a switch to turn it on from anywhere, when I got close to home, or even with my Logitech Harmony Elite Remote!

Any DIY questions are more than welcome. I’m going to be showcasing projects and solutions differently and am here to help. Sharing is appreciated as well!

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