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Turn on and off lights, check your calendar schedule for the day, check your text sms messeges, send texts, check smartphone notifications, turn on and off many devices from air conditioners of all types to heaters- as well as entertainment devices individually or as a group. Cool side projects included like the google home assistant api integration I did on my Alexa, as-well-as the netgear skill to reboot my router. This was only a small amount of my devices as I have 86 in my home. It can do so much more as my refridgerator and water heater are the only two thins not voice-controllable. Even my electric bbq is remotely controllable. Enjoy.
The Aros Window A/C by Wink/Quirky/GE Link:
Great product, in-fact the best window A/C I have EVER had.  It pushes out so much cool air and is far more efficient than my other window air conditioners that I have had in the past.  It is discontinued though, but you can still get them for nearly as cheap as a modern window A/C (although this is wifi) and I used IFTTT to bridge the gap between the Alexa and this product for voice-control.
The Logitech Harmony Hub & Remote:
This thing is crazy cheap right now, nearly half price or more!  You need to grab it before the price goes up from now, because it used to be $99 just for the hub without a remote!  It has been my favority smart home product because it made half of my house (the entertainment devices- xbox, tv, surround, etc) remotely controllable from voice or my phone when at/away from home!  Get it today!

The Amazon Echo: Dot
This product is what brings the voice-control to life with ease.  Note- you can also use Google Home or Cortana these days.  But, with all of these- you need to have wifi only products because you need a hub to control things that aren’t wifi usually.  An example would be the Logitech harmony hub above- it brings your infrared (i.e. TV, DVD, Surround Sound) to life as an infrared hub.
The Kasa Plug – by TP Link:
Great product, easy setup and works with Amazon Alexa, just like wemo.  A little cheaper than the Belkin switches though, so keep an eye out if you are trying to save money and have to get more than a few!

Belkin Wemo Insight Switch:

This is by far one of my favorite smart plugs.  It can be set with a timer, rule, geolocation, as-well-as IFTTT and is an energy monitor of up to about 1200 watt electronics!

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