Want a cheap Alexa-Enabled Smart Switch/Power Outlet? Here’s a couple options.

Introducing the Power Pivot Genius:

So, I was looking around online for a Z-wave or Zigbee Power-Outlet to setup some DIY excellence- and happened to stumble on this old gem – The Quirky Pivot Power Genius.  Not only is it a Smart Switch that can be used with Alexa – but it has TWO.  The price looks like it has been reduced nearly 75% and so I had to mention, in case anyone was interested.  Seeing as setting up a sonoff switch or buying a cheap individual switch is nearly around the same price – this one seems a little more DIY-friendly and out-of-the-box enabled for Alexa.  Although, there is a catch – this one requires the Wink 2 Hub. Keep that in mind.

That said, I also came across this Smart Surge Protector that is wifi-enabled.

Note, considering it does not use z-wave or zigbee- there will be a lot of DIY setup to somehow hack this thing to work together with Smartthings for instance, however IFTTT, Google Home and Alexa is good enough for me.  Only other considerations you may want to take into account- is the fact that it is wifi, and this could cause more traffic or “noise” in your high-traffic 2.4 ghz wireless sea of waves in your home or neighborhood.  Keep that in mind, especially since highly dense metals, mirrors and EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) can cause packet-loss and wireless interference/intermittent issues.  That said, the reviews are solid enough for me- to make my decision, so I’ll lay the rest in your hands.     -The Smart Home Ninja.

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